Electric Vintage Cars

Electric Vintage Cars

Electric Vintage Cars

A number of classic cars have been converted into Electric Vintage Cars. While some people are irrationally angry that this has happened, others see this as the best way to preserve their favorite vehicles and bring them into everyday use.

A few specialised garages across the UK are now offering conversion services to owners of classic vehicles. These converts can be a lot of work, but if you’re willing to put in the effort, it could save you money in the long run.

RBW MGB Roadster

The RBW MGB Roadster isn’t your typical conversion, but an entirely new car powered by an electric drivetrain. It’s the brainchild of Peter Swain, a seasoned entrepreneur who had always been a fan of classic British cars.

Having owned several MGs, Jaguars and Triumphs over the years, Swain realised that these vehicles were being threatened with extinction by their inability to compete with modern cars on fuel efficiency and safety. So he decided to do something about it, starting a company called RBW Classic Cars.

What he came up with is the RBW MGB Roadster, which will be produced by a firm that’s based in Staffordshire and claims to be the world’s first battery-powered electric vintage sports car. It uses a fresh heritage body shell from British Motor Heritage that’s bolted to a patented power drivetrain system.

The drivetrain sits under the body and delivers 94 horsepower, which enables it to sprint from 0-60 in nine seconds. The top speed is 80 mph (129 km/h), which is quicker than the original MGB.

But the biggest draw of this EV isn’t necessarily its performance – it’s how it feels to ride in one. It’s also quieter than many EV conversions we’ve sampled, which is a bonus on long journeys.

It also has a fantastic weight distribution and handling, with progressive power steering that makes it feel like a proper classic. It’s a great balance of technology and style that’ll appeal to anyone who enjoys driving vintage cars but doesn’t want to deal with their usual problems.

As if that wasn’t enough, the RBW MGB Roadster is also fitted with an interior designed by specialist Prototrim. It’s a leather-clad evocation of the best MGB interiors and comes with a multi-function dashboard display that incorporates safety diagnostic symbols in a simplified graphic interface. Other features include a Pioneer Wi-Fi(r)-enabled touch screen and a Bluetooth hands-free phone connection. There’s also an HDMI input to mirror smartphones, a dual USB slot and gold-plated RCA connectors for the best sound quality possible.

RBW Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud

The RBW Silver Cloud is one of the most elegant and classic cars of its era. It offers the ultimate in style and luxury, but is also a competent and capable car by today’s standards. Its high-quality build and extensive specialist support ensure that any RBW owner can have a great car with minimal fuss.

Introduced in 1955, the Silver Cloud was the first true post-war design from Rolls-Royce. Body-on-frame construction made it an ideal canvas for coachbuilders such as HJ Mulliner, James Young and Hooper.

Early models were powered by a 4.9-litre straight six. A 6.2-litre V8 was introduced in 1959. The engine pushed the weight of the car to a staggering 2.11 tonnes, but offered more power than the previous six, with improved acceleration and a 0-62mph time of just 11 seconds.

Some versions of the V8 suffered from cam problems, piston scuffing and liner leaks, but they were still far more powerful than those in a Ford LTD or Jaguar E-Type. This made the Silver Cloud II an excellent choice for a driver looking for speed, although it did take a bit longer to get there.

There were many improvements to the Silver Cloud from 1962 to 1965, including the addition of electric windows and a more advanced version of the alloy Electric Vintage Cars V8. The car was also slightly lower and featured quad headlights.

If you’re thinking of buying a Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud, be sure to get full history and service records. This will help you make an informed decision and ensure that you don’t end up buying a lemon.

You’ll want to make sure that the car is in good Electric Vintage Cars mechanical condition and has been regularly maintained by a qualified mechanic. You’ll also need to be sure that the car’s braking system is working properly. This is because the braking systems on these older cars are extremely complex and can fail easily.

Despite the many problems that can occur with older vehicles, they offer a great way to experience classic cars without having to worry about the cost of owning them. Hagerty has a service called DriveShare that allows users to rent classic cars like the RBW Silver Cloud through a network of local owners who have been vetted for safety and reliability.

RBW Bentley Mulsanne

The RBW Bentley Mulsanne is the perfect example of a British luxury car, which offers an unparalleled blend of old-world charm and modern amenities. With its hand-crafted interior formed from the finest materials, it embodies the utmost in craftsmanship and the quest for excellence that defines the automaker.

The 2016 Bentley Mulsanne is a large luxury sedan that seats up to five passengers and comes in two trim levels: base and Speed. Its power is provided by a 505-hp twin-turbocharged 6.75-liter V-8 engine that accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in less than four seconds.

Despite its size, the Mulsanne drives like a smaller sedan, with sharp steering and a poised chassis. In Edmunds testing, a Mulsanne in base trim required just 111 feet to come to a stop from 60 mph and a Mulsanne Speed did it in 108 feet.

There are a lot of luxury sedans on the market, but the Mulsanne is unique in that it provides all of the comfort and convenience you would expect from a Bentley. The cabin is made with the highest quality materials, with options for leather upholstery and veneers. Its dashboard is shaped like a timelessly designed instrument panel and it has a variety of standard features, such as Bluetooth and Apple CarPlay, to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

If you want to really get into the details of the Mulsanne’s interior, you can order a custom-designed Prototrim interior. Unlike other bespoke trim companies, Prototrim specialises in interior design and development with over 100 years of experience within the sector.

This means that your customised Mulsanne will have everything you could dream of, from the colour and pattern choices to the stitching detail. We can also create a custom dashboard for you with a wide range of displays.

As with all RBW Electric Classic Cars, we offer a full service from installation to charging, and we will ensure that your EV is completely safe and roadworthy at all times. We also provide a comprehensive warranty, and you can purchase insurance online or from one of our dealers.

RBW Jaguar XK120

There is a lot to love about classic cars, from their shape and drive to the noise they make. But the time is coming when it might be harder to keep a car like a Jaguar XK120 going for another 50 years or so, and so, more and more people are turning to electric vintage cars.

There are several outfits around the world dedicated to electric conversions, and they range from original manufacturers themselves to smaller specialist firms. One is London Electric Cars, which builds bespoke electric conversions for high-end classic cars from Bentleys and Rolls-Royces to Jaguars and Aston Martins.

Another firm, Lunaz Design, is based at Silverstone and has made a name for itself as one of the UK’s leading EV restomodders, producing top-of-the-range conversions. Their most famous work is the XK120, which goes from 0-60mph in five seconds and has a 250-mile real-world range, with the possibility of an additional 100-mile extender pack for added flexibility.

The XK120 is an example of a classic that Lunaz has converted to electric power, and the process is all about taking the time to make sure every detail is perfect – not only does it look as good as new, but it also helps reduce the car’s carbon footprint. This includes using reclaimed ocean waste as an alternative fuel source and avoiding any parts that can be replaced with new ones – so this particular conversion saved seven barrels of crude oil compared to the car’s original design.

It isn’t just about the electrics, though – the interior of this Jaguar has been totally redone too, with modern infotainment and luxury features such as a subtle screen operated by Apple CarPlay, positioned under the centre-mounted gauges. The walnut-veneer dashboard also has a touchscreen for satellite navigation, music streaming and phone connectivity over Bluetooth.

This electric Jaguar XK120 was commissioned for a private owner, and was unveiled at the Concours on Savile Row in London. It was a great way for Lunaz to showcase its commitment to sustainability, and it’s a brilliant example of a classic that has been transformed into an electric vehicle with all the luxury and performance you could want.