How a Smart Doorbell Can Help Prevent Break-Ins

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How a Smart Doorbell Can Help Prevent Break-Ins

Unlike traditional doorbells, smart video doorbells let you see who is at the front door and communicate with visitors using two-way audio. They can also integrate with your home security system to help deter break-ins.

CR’s top pick for this category is the Logitech Circle View, which offers great data security, fast alerts and clip processing times and reliable smart features like monitoring zones, facial recognition, and 24/7 recording. However, it requires electrical wiring and doesn’t work with Amazon Echo devices.


A smart doorbell is an important part of a home security system and can help prevent break-ins. It will notify you of visitors who are at your door, whether they ring it or not, so that you can see who is there before answering the door. You can also talk to them with two-way communication and let them know that you’re busy or will be down in a moment.

For additional security, you can use your smart doorbell to see who is at your doorstep in the dark with infrared night vision technology. It will also alert you if someone is attempting to break into your house without ringing the bell. If the burglars are caught, they will be recorded and you can provide this video to police.

Some smart doorbells require a subscription, typically starting at PS5 per month, to unlock all of their features. This is the case with the Nest Doorbell and some Arlo models, but not Eufy’s model, which offers free smart detection that monitors your front yard for people, animals, vehicles and packages.


A good doorbell camera can alert you to visitors via an app, allowing you to see and communicate with them. Some even have two-way audio that lets you chat with a visitor whether you’re at home or away. Look for models that offer features such as motion detection, face recognition and night vision.

Whether it’s a Girl Scout selling cookies or someone trying to scam you with a dead tree removal service, a smart doorbell smart doorbell can help you decide whether to admit someone into your home. It can also help you tell solicitors to keep their hands off your property and let delivery drivers know where to leave packages.

Be sure to look for a model with a wide field of view and high resolution that can capture clear images. Some cameras come with built-in sirens to ward off unwanted guests, while others offer prerecorded greetings for different scenarios. A smart doorbell that integrates with your existing system or a voice assistant can also make it easier to receive and respond to alerts. Lastly, consider whether you want the ability to store recorded video clips on your own device or have them automatically uploaded to the cloud.

Live Feed

Whether you’re at home or away, a smart doorbell lets you answer your door remotely and communicate with visitors via two-way talk. Look for a doorbell camera that’s easy to set up and uses your Wi-Fi to connect with the internet or has a cellular or landline backup, which can help keep you connected even when power outages occur.

A good video doorbell will have a high-quality image, a wide field of view and night vision. Some models will also include a built-in microSD card or cloud storage. Some models will send alerts to your smartphone or tablet, while others will log events in a web app or on automation website If This Then That (IFTTT).

A good example is Netatmo’s doorbell, which stores clips on an internal microSD card and can be saved to Dropbox or FTP server. The Pro 2’s super-wide, tall field of view gives you a head-to-toe perspective of your porch and is particularly useful when identifying packages. Its color night vision is crisp and clear, too. However, its monthly subscription costs for object identification and video storage may be off-putting to some privacy-conscious consumers.

Two-Way Communication

Whether you’re curled up on the sofa, working from home, or sunning yourself in the Bahamas, a smart doorbell keeps you connected to your front door. These devices can notify you when someone approaches, whether it’s a delivery driver or a prankster, and allow you to speak with visitors via two-way audio. Some even have a built-in siren for added security.

A good example of a feature-packed smart doorbell is the Eufy Dual, which includes two cameras to capture both people and packages, as well as local storage and facial recognition for free without requiring a monthly subscription like some other models do. However, it’s important to note that this is a wired model only (no battery-powered options) and requires a HomePod or HomePod Mini for compatibility, so the initial investment is a bit higher than other options.

Other factors to consider include a 720p camera, night vision capabilities, and a customizable voice greeting that lets you play a prerecorded message for guests. You may also smart doorbell want a model that supports Edge storage, which stores data locally rather than in the cloud, for increased privacy and security.


Some Smart Video Doorbells store footage in the cloud for easy access, but this can put your data at risk from hacks. A better option is Edge storage, which processes data locally on the device and avoids sending sensitive information to a third-party server. This can also save battery life, especially in battery-powered models that sleep until motion is detected to conserve power.

Most smart doorbells offer free motion detection, but some, such as the Nest Hello, require a monthly subscription to receive more advanced notifications. For example, its e911 feature automatically connects first responders to your home address rather than your smartphone’s location, which is useful for emergencies.

For those who want to skip the monthly fee, consider the Eufy Dual, which features two cameras to capture packages and visitors, local storage, facial recognition, and compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. It is also a breeze to install, with screw-mounting and the ability to tap into existing low-voltage doorbell wiring or use a battery for power. It has one drawback, however: it requires you to replace the battery every six months.