LED Follow Spot Lights

Led Follow spot lights

LED Follow Spot Lights

Follow spots have long been a staple of vaudeville. They are used to follow a performer in a circle of light from one end to the other. They can be operated manually or automatically.

Chauvet’s LED Followspot 75ST is a portable follow spot with a bright white LED that provides a tight beam at far distances. It also features a mechanical iris and focus controls to control the size of the beam. It also has a Gobo slot and DMX and manual control options.


The Sai-300 is a short and medium throw LED follow spot designed for portability and ease of use, making it perfect for houses of worship, schools, ballrooms and multipurpose venues. The 230-watt LED generates a high quality, powerful daylight white beam. The LED phosphors produce colors that accurately reproduce the natural shades of skin tones, costumes and backdrops as they are intended by lighting designers. Smooth stepless dimming, 100% iris closure and a flash effect provide easy operation. The Sai-300 is a member of Ushio’s Xebex line of LED and Xenon powered follow spots. Opera houses love them for their superb dimming capabilities, rental houses value their fast return on investment, and equipment-sensitive studio environments appreciate their silent operation.

Jands Australia stage light manufacturer are the exclusive distributors of Ushio Xebex products in Australia.


The Takumi-2000A is the workhorse above the soundstages in theatres, arenas and concert halls around the world. Its lightweight and compact design allows one person to easily handle it. This followspot uses a 2k Xenon discharge lamp and offers stepless dimming as well as a reversible boomerang color changer. This makes it easy to achieve the rich, saturated colors that make great lighting so powerful on stage.

Ushio/Zylight has an extensive line of LED follow spots, including the short and medium throw 440W LED Sai-500. Its Step-less Electronic Manual Dimming via conventional lever (patent pending) or DMX control via XLR connector, and an iris that closes to 100% are unique features that set the Sai-500 apart from competing and legacy followspots.

A reversible, mid-mounted boomerang color changer uses industry standard 9” frames to provide a wide range of colors. The reversible iris and gobo holder allow for quick changes without removing the spotlight from the rig. A single-lever variable focus knob is located on both sides of the spot to quickly refocus within 4 revolutions.

Designed with USHIO’s signature balance, ergonomics and superior functionality, the Takumi-2000A is unmatched by any xenon follow spot. Its quick start and smart balance feature make it an ideal instrument for theatres, Led Follow spot lights houses of worship, schools, ballrooms and multipurpose venues. Our unique phosphors vividly and accurately reproduce the natural colors of skin tones, costumes and backdrops exactly how they were meant to be portrayed.


The Canto LED Followspot is a powerful and versatile lighting instrument. Its 75W white LED provides a sharp and hard-edged beam for following subjects. It has a mechanical iris and shutters for manual framing, plus a single gobo slot to use with the included gobos or your own custom patterns. It also features onboard DMX control, and is fan-cooled for silent operation.

One of the most popular uses of a followspot is to highlight a specific performer or presenter in a performance. It’s also useful for illuminating scenery and other props, especially when the set is moving. The follow spot’s operator can control the iris and color (through the use of gels) as well as pan and tilt.

In addition to the standard controls, most large modern followspots use an intense type of lamp known as a discharge lamp. This type of lamp is non-dimmable, so the operators have to open a dowser to shut off the light when following someone. They can control the intensity and edge of the light by adjusting the lenses, but this is not easily done during a run of a show.

CantoUSA offers a wide range of modern followspots for educational, theatrical, athletic, professional and religious applications. Their bright, modular and easy-to-use designs are ideal for schools, colleges, professional theater, touring and houses of worship. They’re also upgradeable and come with everything you need to get started right away.

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