LED Wash Lights

Led wash lights

LED Wash Lights

By catching customers’ attention from the street and ushering them into a clean, easy-to-navigate wash experience, LED lighting attracts more business to your carwash. This helps boost your local reputation, and it also increases customer loyalty.

Many of our wash lights have DMX functionality, which allows you to connect them to your lighting rig and control them in unison. This gives you full control over the colour and effects they produce, including fade, strobe and jump.

Colour options

When choosing your wash light you will need to consider the colour options that it is capable of. If you only need a limited range of colours to be achievable then a cheaper option would suffice, but if you require a more extensive spectrum then higher wattage LED’s will provide the best results.

Some of the more expensive models also include additional coloured LEDs which can be used to create warmer pastels or punchy whites without compromising brightness. This can be particularly useful for adding social cues to the show. Changing the colour of your lighting at important points can make an instant impact and get everyone’s attention.

Narrowing down your search for a new colour or wash light can feel overwhelming, but Sweetwater has a wide selection of filters to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can filter by brand, desired specs, style, and price point to narrow down your options. This makes finding your ideal wash light easier than ever! For instance, the Blizzard PixelStorm 240 dishes out a whole lot of color for not a lot of green with its attractive 1-meter color/pixel bar fitted with a total of 240x ultra-bright RGB 10mm LEDs.

DMX control

DMX, or Digital Multiplex, is a lighting control protocol that allows you to run sophisticated lighting Moving head light supplier sequences from one fixture. It’s an essential part of any sound activated light show and works with everything from a single par to a full-blown LED stage lighting setup.

The DMX feature on many of our wash lights allows you to synchronise them with each other to produce the same effects and colours at the same time. It’s particularly useful for stage performances, as it means you can keep your LED wall washers in time with the music and convey a theme seamlessly.

Another great feature on many of our LED wash lights is the option to change between a white or a RGB colour mix. This gives you the choice of a brighter, warmer or cooler light output depending on your venue and event needs.

Master/Slave synchronisation

When used in conjunction with a lighting controller, the DMX connection on most wash lights allows you to easily set up and run automated or sound-activated patterns. They can also be used in master/slave synchronisation with other compatible units to produce professional-looking ‘walls of light’ effects.

The most popular type of wash light is the par can – which typically has a circular beam and is often used as surface lighting on stages. They are able to be set to any color in an angled beam and have many other options such as gobo patterns, prism effect, and motorized focus.

Another great type of wash light is the strip light. These are often used to wash curtains or scenery, and they come in a wide range of sizes and colors to suit different applications. They offer a budget alternative to cyc lights and are a good choice for smaller spaces. They can also be used to highlight features in a garden, such as fountains or tree swings, with an inviting glow that is visible from all angles.

Wireless uplighters

The majority of our LED wash lights have DMX functionality. This allows them to be connected to a lighting rig, meaning that multiple wash lights can be operated in unison for a wall of light effect. This also makes them ideal for stage productions as they can be programmed 5 in 1 spotlight to produce custom effects and colours at a certain time, conveying the theme of a performance more easily.

Another great feature of our battery uplighters is that they are 100% wireless and battery powered. This means that there are no cables to worry about, which can save a lot of time and effort when setting up. The lights can be controlled via a wireless remote, a DMX controller or using the on-board digital display. They can even be set to remember their color, so they will still be the same after being turned off.

The Chauvet DJ EZWedge Tri wireless uplighter is a great example of this, with a rechargeable lithium battery that lasts up to 20 hours on one charge. The light can be mounted inside 35-mm truss systems and features an onboard battery life indicator.


If you’re looking for wash lights that are weatherproof, look no further than LEDs. LEDs use 80% less electricity than traditional bulbs and are able to save you thousands in energy costs over the course of their long lifespan. Moreover, they require less maintenance and are more durable than traditional lighting options.

LED wall wash lights are also waterproof, meaning that they can withstand any kind of weather conditions. You can even set them up in your outdoor venue to create a stunning effect. They come with a range of gobos and colours to choose from, and they can be used for a variety of applications, including venue dressing, marquees and halls, special effects in photography and film, architectural installation, television and music performance.

Unlike traditional par lights, these LED wall wash lighting systems have a wider beam angle. They’re great for creating kaleidoscopic effects, which can help make any event more entertaining. In addition, LED cyc lights are much cheaper than traditional fixtures and have a lower power consumption. This makes them a smart choice for your next stage lighting project.

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