Red and Blue LED Warning Light

Red and Blue LED Warning Light

As anyone who’s ever seen flashing red and blue lights on a vehicle knows, these are the colors used to indicate that it’s a police or other emergency response vehicle. But why are these colors chosen, and what exactly do they represent?

First of all, the bright flashing color grabs attention. This is vital in an emergency, as lives could be at stake.


As nearly anyone who has driven on US roads at some point can likely tell you, most police vehicles will use both red and blue lights atop and alongside their vehicles to indicate that they’re responding to an emergency. However, have you ever wondered why these are the colors chosen to represent this specific type of situation?

Red and blue are ideal because they’re both highly visible, making them easy to see from a distance. This is especially important since many first responders work in dangerous conditions, where they need to be able to get the attention of motorists so that they can act quickly and effectively.

Additionally, studies have shown that people who are color blind can still typically see red and blue. This is another reason why these are the most popular colors for LED emergency lights for police cars, as they’re highly visible even in bright sunlight.

These LED safety lights are also used by snow plow drivers in some states to indicate that they’re plowing the road. They can be used indoors or outdoors, and they’re an effective way to warn other drivers or pedestrians of a vehicle’s presence. Just be sure that you never use these types of lights on your own vehicle, as it can cause confusion for those who are trying to identify a genuine police vehicle from one that isn’t.


Various sizes are available to fit different vehicle applications. Some are small enough to install into headlight or tail light housings. Others are more powerful with a larger display to offer multifunctional lighting and 22 built-in flash Blue Red Led Warning Light patterns. These LED Hideaway strobe lights can be fully synchronized for custom dual-color and tri-color displays.

A good LED indicator light will display brightness up to 200 mcd, or millicandelas. This means it’s bright enough to get attention, but not flashlight-bright. This particular LED is a surface mount and has a small flange on the bottom, which makes it easy to install into panels.

Accidents involving pedestrians and forklifts are a frequent problem in the workplace, and many of these are due to pedestrians failing to maintain a safe distance from machinery. Illuminating a zone around forklifts and other equipment helps to prevent these incidents, and is cheap “insurance” against expensive OSHA fines. This red and blue LED safety light is the perfect choice to help reduce these accidents by clearly marking a safe zone around any size forklift or other piece of machinery.


During the day, blue LED lights tend to stand out a bit more than red LED lights do. This is because the color blue has a cooler tone and is often associated with the sense of guard and order. These lights are commonly used by law enforcement agencies as they patrol the streets or other areas during daylight.

Many material handling applications also utilize these types of lights for safety reasons. A great example would be a warehouse or storage facility that requires forklifts to move in and out of racks. These lights allow the equipment driver and pedestrian to clearly mark a safe zone on the floor that prevents them from colliding with each other. This system, known as HIT-NOT, is proven to save lives and eliminate vehicle-to-pedestrian accidents in the workplace.

Other applications for these beacons include using them to indicate a specific state of operation or status. For instance, the blue LED light can be used to represent that a machine is in operation and functioning normally without any issues or malfunctions. Alternatively, it can be used to represent a maintenance crew that is working on an equipment item and needs to leave the area for safety purposes. These lights can even be used to show that certain equipment items are off-limits to the general public including machinery, electrical controls or scaffolding.


Adding a red and blue warning light to your vehicle is an excellent way to alert people of its presence in dangerous situations. The combination of the two colors serves to make the message more clear and powerful, and it’s also much more visible to drivers than red alone. The blue also led driving light factory helps to highlight that the vehicle is a response and not a normal traffic signal, which can help ensure that pedestrians will stay away from it.

These lights are effective in reducing risk for pedestrians in areas where forklifts may be operating. They can be mounted on scissor lifts, boom lifts or sweepers to provide extra protection and reassurance. They can also be used in warehouses to help protect products from being dropped or damaged by forklifts. The blue safety lights are designed to project a bright, concentrated blue beam pattern that can be seen from a far distance. This helps to warn pedestrians to stay back and prevent injuries.

The LEDs in these lights are a high-quality and durable choice for many applications. They’re able to last for up to 100,000 hours, and they’re not likely to break or fail easily. They’re also more energy efficient than traditional bulbs, and they offer better color saturation. The glare caused by LEDs is much less than that of standard incandescent bulbs, and they don’t ruin night vision like white lights can. The blue safety lights also don’t produce a lot of heat, and they’re easy to mount and install.

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