Seed Packing Machine

seed packing machine

Seed Packing Machine

A seed packing machine can pack a wide variety of seeds in high-quality packets. These machines are a great investment for companies looking to increase their productivity and maintain quality standards.

DATA’s S-460 counting and packaging machine is an ideal choice for seed manufacturers. It offers unprecedented accuracy and speed. It can count a variety of seed types and package up to 24 bags of 1000 tomato seeds per minute.


A seed packing machine is an important tool for the packaging of seeds. These machines are capable of handling a variety of seed types and sizes, and they can also be used to package grain and other granular materials.

Whether you need to pack grass seeds, wheat or other grain, the right seed packing machine can help ensure the quality and integrity of your product. The process can be done with precision and efficiency, helping to save time, reduce labor costs, and increase profitability.

The Elmor V800E is a high-speed, multi-channel count-and-pack system that is designed to deliver the accuracy and speed needed for the seed industry. This seed packing machine is capable of counting seeds as small as 25 mm and delivering capacities of up to 24 bags per minute.

If you want to increase the efficiency of your seed weighing and packaging operations, consider Wxtytech’s automated systems. These complete lines are equipped with a net weigh scale, a single-spout high-speed open-mouth bagger, a robotic bag palletizer, and a rotary arm stretch wrapper.

Another option is the DATA S-460, which combines a count-and-pack system with an automatic filler to deliver unrivaled accuracy and speed. This seed packing machine can count seeds as small as 25 mm and deliver capacities of up to 24 bags of 1000 tomato seeds per minute.

In addition to being extremely accurate, the DATA S-460 also ensures that seeds are packed at the correct moisture content. This is essential for ensuring a high-quality crop and reducing the risk of disease.

A large-scale seed company in South Africa reached out to OMRON for a new seed packing machine. The customer was looking to address a quality problem that they had been facing seed packing machine for years. They wanted to ensure that they would be able to provide their customers with the correct amount of seeds, as well as cut packs that were not cosmetically blemished.

OMRON worked with the client to design a machine that would fit their specific needs. The machine features intermittent rotary motion and is compatible with most dosing devices. It has minimal setup times and is ideal for a variety of seed processing applications.


The counting process of a seed packing machine is a vital part of the overall packaging process. It allows you to determine the quantity of seeds inside a package and ensures that the contents are safe for consumers.

There are many different types of seed counting machines on the market today. Some are fully automatic while others are semi-automatic. Regardless of the type, they all perform a similar process.

These machines can be found in several different sizes and features, allowing you to choose the one that is right for you. Some of these include a weigher, bag sealing machine, and more.

A seed counting and filling machine is designed to count large quantities of seeds quickly and accurately, and then automatically fill them into individual packets. By utilizing this technology, companies can save time and money while reducing the risk of miscounting or incorrect packaging.

DATA’s S-460 Seed Counting and Packing Machine combines a counting system with an automatic filling system, delivering unrivaled accuracy and speed. It can count seeds ranging in sizes from 1 mm to 25 mm (depending on seed quantity per pack), and delivers counting and packing capacities of up to 24 bags of 1000 tomato seeds per minute.

It can also be used to count a variety of other materials, including pet food, canned vegetables, and other granular and solid products. This makes it a great choice for any company that needs to count and package a high volume of seeds.

The counting process is the most important part of a seed packing machine. It is crucial for making sure that your seeds are safe and that they are in the right size for the end product.

Whether you are looking for a new seed counting and packing machine or you are looking to upgrade your existing machine, we can help. With years of experience in the industry, we can help you find the best solution to your specific needs. In addition, we can assist you with the installation and service of your machine. With our expertise, you can be confident that your business will run smoothly.


Seed packing machines are important for the food industry. They help to package seeds so that they can be sold in stores. They also have an impact on the environment, which is why they should be used responsibly.

There are several types of seed packaging machines available in the market. Some are manual, while others are automated. In order to choose the best one for your business, you should learn about its features and specifications.

The elmor V800E is a small, compact and versatile machine that fills and closes flat bags of varying dimensions. It is a great option for packaging seed specialties and small batches.

It can handle a wide variety of flat bags with sizes ranging from 60 x 100 mm to 180 x 240 mm. Its interchangeable stack of bags allows you to change formats in a few seconds without any time-consuming adjustments.

Using this equipment, you can save a lot of time and money. It can also increase your efficiency and quality.

For example, it can reduce packaging errors and ensure consistency in product quality. Additionally, it can speed up production.

This is a very useful piece of equipment for vacuum packaging, which is increasingly popular among consumers. It can be used to pack foods, such as vegetables, fruits and grains.

The machine can be used to make a variety of bags, such as polyethylene, paper and jute bags. It can also be used to make a number of different types of packaging pouches, including pre-made paper sachets and foil pouches.

It can also be used to make cans, which are a common way to package seeds. It can apply labels to cans in an automatic manner.

These cans can be made out of self-adhesive labels or pre-printed ones. These cans are very convenient for farmers to use and are a good way to advertise their products.

The DATA S-25 is a highly reliable and a part of daily production for seed producers and suppliers. It has an extremely high level of accuracy and is a great tool for packaging seeds in separate packages.


A seed packing machine is used to package seeds in pre-made bags. These can seed packing machine be made from paper, polyethylene or jute. These bags can be sealed with either a pressure or water-activated adhesive. This sealing method is usually completed automatically by the seed packaging machine.

This method is commonly applied in the food industry and is a quick, simple way to pack seeds. It also protects the seeds from moisture, dust and other contaminants.

The seed packaging machine can be adjusted to handle envelopes as small as 1-1/2 inches x 3 inches or 4-1/2 inches x 6 inches. The envelopes are then sealed by stapling or using the adhesive on the envelope flap.

For this, the operator must ensure that the correct type of envelope is used and that the sealing area is free from foreign objects. This will ensure the smooth running of the machine.

Once the seal is complete, the sack is transported to the next station and the machine returns to its starting position. This is done automatically, and the machine is able to process up to 20 packages per minute.

There are many different types of seed packaging machines. They can be used for various kinds of seeds and can be customized to meet the specific needs of a seed manufacturer.

A seed packing machine can be combined with a seed counting system or a seed weighing system, and can eliminate discrepancies that occur in the weighing process. This will help to save time and money.

The elmor V800E is a compact, versatile and easy-to-use packaging machine for pre-made bags such as seed sachets or packets. It can fill and close these bags with the correct amount of seeds. This machine can be integrated with elmor seed counters or other devices from other manufacturers, such as dosing scales and volume-dosing machines.

This machine is very suitable for filling and sealing pre-formed and printed aluminium laminated or synthetic sealable packets, or can be connected to any seed weighing system or seed counter. Changing the bags only requires a few seconds, and a replaceable bag stack enables fast and easy changes to other formats without having to make any adjustments.

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