The Avengers Jumping Bed Slide

The Avengers Jumping Bed Slide

Avengers Jumping Bed Slide

The Avengers Jumping Bed Slide is an inflatable obstacle course with pop-up character graphics and a sturdy frame. It is suitable for kids of all ages, and is a great way to let them learn about the characters they love. However, children should be aware of safety guidelines before using it. The product is not suitable for children who are clumsy.

Marvel’s AVENGERS obstacle course

This obstacle course features the green giant Hulk, a favorite Avenger super hero. If you have an Avengers fan party coming up, then you may want to have a giant green Hulk on hand to help with the fun. The course features over 85 feet of wall climbs and squeeze plays, tunnel crawls, and more green madness than one person can handle! You’ll also race against a partner down a giant slide, and race through the giant Hulk’s massive legs.

The obstacle course is officially licensed and can be rented in two different configurations. You can rent a 50′ obstacle course with water and dry sections or Avengers Jumping Bed Slide a 25′ combo unit. It’s made of premium materials and features fully licensed digital artwork. You’ll be impressed with the level of detail and the amazingly fun design.

Magic Jump’s official AVENGERS 6-in-1 Combo

The Avengers 6-in-1 Combo is a great inflatable bounce house combo for outdoor or indoor events. With an interior jumping area, a climber/slide and splash zone, this unit offers an excellent balance of fun and safety. It also features a water misting system, character pop-ups, and special non-slip material.

This 15′ x 15′ bounce house allows up to 6 guests to jump around at once. This unit is made in the USA with premium materials and fully licensed digital artwork. Features include a ‘Captain America’ Shield and an “Iron Man” Helmet, and is perfect for birthday parties, theme parties, and special events.

Fresno Fun Jump’s official Avengers obstacle course

The official Avengers obstacle course at Fresno Fun Jump is a 50-foot-long course featuring pop-up character obstacles and fully licensed digital artwork. This fun inflatable features an Iron Man helmet and Captain America’s shield, and is perfect for kids of all ages.

This obstacle course has multiple features, including an inflatable jump area, a mini climber, and a slide. It’s designed to test participants’ skills and can be rented in six different ways. It’s built with premium materials and licensed digital artwork. Guests can choose which version of the Avengers obstacle course they want to hire.

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