The Best Hair Repair Conditioners for Dry, Damaged, and Color Treated Hair

Repair Conditioner

The Best Hair Repair Conditioners for Dry, Damaged, and Color Treated Hair

When choosing a conditioner, you need to find the right balance between providing your strands with enough moisture to promote hair growth and preventing them from being weighed down. Our favorite picks below target a variety of concerns from dry, damaged strands to color treated styles.

Formulated with shea butter, this nourishing conditioner soothes thermal damage caused by heat styling and chemical processing. It also hydrates strands and reduces frizz, leaving your locks smooth and nourished.


Once reserved only for hair salons, Olaplex has become a go-to product for anyone wanting stronger, healthier, more resilient strands. It works to strengthen the hair from within by rebuilding broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and even mechanical damage. The brand has an entire salon-exclusive system of products that help reverse damaged hair and protect it from future damage, including shampoos, conditioners, and bonding oils.

What makes Olaplex unique is that it targets the broken bonds on a molecular level, instead of just coating the surface of the strands like a traditional hair mask or shampoo. It helps to strengthen the disulfide bonds that break down with bleaching, heat styling, and environmental conditions.

Insider spoke to 10 former Olaplex users ranging in age from 26 to 63, who complained about extreme hair loss, brittle strands, and clumps of hair that fell out and accumulated on sinks and pillows. Some women even feared health problems and sought medical tests, but their doctors ruled out nutrient deficiencies or other causes of their hair-loss.

The original take-home treatment that made Olaplex famous, this product helps reduce breakage and visibly strengthens all hair types. Use it as a pre-shampoo intensive treatment or apply to clean, dry hair to amplify first-day styles and add a healthy shine to the strands.


Biolage is one of the most popular hair care brands, and for good reason. Their products are made with high-quality ingredients and they’re free from harsh chemicals like silicone and parabens. They also use natural plant oils and extracts to keep your locks healthy and hydrated. Repair Conditioner Although they can be a little pricey, their products are worth the extra cost.

Biolage has a wide range of shampoos and conditioners for every hair type and texture. Some are sulfate-free, while others are formulated with low pH and botanical extracts. Some are designed specifically for curly hair (like UItra Hydra Source), while others are great for all hair textures (Volume Bloom).

Many of Biolage’s shampoos have been tested with real people and have impressive results. For example, the Volume Bloom shampoo was found to boost hair volume by 70% after just one use. And the Strength Recovery shampoo was found to reduce breakage by 73%.

However, some of their shampoos contain silicone, which is a love it or hate it ingredient. If you’re allergic to silicone, be sure to read the label carefully before purchasing a product. Additionally, some Biolage products may contain sodium hydroxide (aka lye), which isn’t a big deal for most people but can be an issue for those who are trying to avoid it. Some Repair Conditioner people also find that Biolage’s products make their hair dry or greasy.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Conditioner

Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner smoothes, visibly repairs damage and strengthens against breakage to leave your hair nourished. From heat styling to changes in the weather, our hair goes through a lot every day which can lead to damaged and dull looking locks. The right hair care products can help give your hair the nourishment it needs to look healthy and beautiful, both inside and out.

Dove Nutritive Solutions Intensive Repair Strengthening Conditioner is formulated with Keratin Repair Actives that visibly repair the signs of surface damage and, with continued use, penetrate deep into your hair strands to progressively nourish, for beautiful and strong hair that withstands breakage. This nourishing Dove conditioner for damaged hair is easy to use, just work it between your hands and apply to your wet hair after shampooing, smoothing it in from mid lengths to tips. Rinse well.

This nourishing Dove hair conditioner for damaged locks can be used in conjunction with Dove Damage Solutions Shampoo to give your hair the care it needs. Together this Dove damage repair system helps to stop 98% of daily hair damage*, making it the perfect choice for those who want stronger and more resilient locks. Plus, Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner is PETA certified Cruelty Free and is bottled in 100% recycled plastic. For best results, use this nourishing Dove hair conditioner daily.


Joico’s product innovations are designed to return hair to its strongest, shiniest, healthiest state—and then keep it there. The company’s tagline, “the joi of healthy hair,” is more than just a slogan; it’s the foundation of everything they do.

At the Salon at Mid-State, Joico is our go-to brand for color and styling products. The company’s color line is gentle and safe for all hair types, and its K-PAK products help maintain color vibrancy while strengthening the strands. They also have a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners for different concerns, like hydrating, strengthening, and brightening.

The Defy Damage Protective Shampoo is a great choice for damaged, bleached, or highlighted tresses. It contains keratin, oat protein, and shea butter to nourish the strands and repair the cuticle. It also helps prevent split ends and breakage, leaving the hair stronger and healthier.

For color-treated hair, the Joico Vero K-Pak Color System is a permanent creme formula that comes in a range of shades. It combines with the brand’s K-PAK Reconstructor to deliver rich, vibrant colors without damaging the hair. It is ideal for anyone who wants to achieve a natural-looking color or wants to cover gray hair. It is recommended to use a nourishing Joico hair mask after coloring to restore the health of the strands. It also reduces the appearance of fading or brassiness.