The Importance of Paying Attention to the Trailer Arm

The Importance of Paying Attention to the Trailer Arm

The trailer arm is one of the most important suspension components on your vehicle. It’s important to pay attention to it so you can avoid any unnecessary handling issues that could lead to a serious crash.

Trailing arms are usually found on rear axles or in independent rear suspension systems. They mount to the frame of your vehicle with bushings and extend to the axle housing or wheel knuckle.


GM’s stamped steel trailing arms are good enough for everyday driving, but over time they can wear down and splinter. Using adjustable tubular trailing arms allows you to adjust your pinion angle without the need for shims, saving wear and tear on your U-joints while improving traction off the line. These heavy duty adjustable upper and lower trailing arms are bolted on to the stock crossmember and will work with factory, lifted or lowered applications.

RalliTEK’s HD Adjustable Trailing Arms are designed to be a direct replacement for your factory trailing arms and have been tested and proven on 4×4 trails. The Trailer Arm heavy-duty tubular construction of these adjustable upper and lower trailing arms is made for high-performance use and are built to withstand the harsh conditions found on the race track.


There’s a reason we don’t have a bolt-in option for the Trailing Arm: it’s actually quite difficult to get a torque wrench on. It is also subject to corrosion which can freeze the bolt in place and weaken it. This is one of the reasons we recommend that you re-tighten your trailing arm bolts once a year. The most important thing is to align the holes of both the outside bolt hole and the trailing arm bushing so that they can slip through the threads of the bolt. It’s also important to use the right tools to do it, including a roll of waxed dental floss and some firm yet soft wire. Using the right tools will make this task much easier and faster than you might think.

Looks Great

A trailing arm is one of the most visually striking components of a linked rear suspension. It has to do a lot of things, including connect the chassis and rear axle, support the weight of the car, and handle shock pressure. In addition, it must also be strong enough to withstand random bumps in the road, like potholes or curbs. If you want your car to look as good as it performs, go for a tubular trailing arm that’s made from quality performance QA1 parts.

QA1 tubular trailing arms are sleek, powder-coated, and a big head turner that everyone will be talking about when they see your classic muscle car. The best part is they’ll give you the performance you need and look great too!


Trailing arms are a vital component of any linked rear suspension system. They connect the chassis and rear axle, and they are usually the most visually striking part of the assembly. They also need to be functional, which means they have to withstand heavy loads and the stresses of shocks and a variety of road conditions. In addition to being essential, trailing arms can be a source of artistic expression for fabricators.

Many muscle cars were equipped with factory-equipped coil-spring rear ends that featured stamped steel trailing arms. These stock Trailer Arm arms are prone to flexing when they are under load, leading to unwanted changes in suspension geometry and erratic handling. We offer tubular trailing arms that are designed to outperform stock arms by reducing flex and minimizing bushing deflection. Our RTABs feature DOM mild steel tubing and TIG welding, which is used to increase the strength of the arm and make it able to stand up to the stresses that will be put on it when performing high-speed driving maneuvers. These RTABs are available in two different compounds, and they are backed by Rogue Engineering’s Lifetime Warranty Program.

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