Treadmill Pools

Treadmill Pools

Treadmill Pools

Typically self-powered and inserted into an existing pool, these treadmills are often found in physical therapy clinics or athletic training facilities. They are a cost-effective way to offer the same leg-toning workout and muscle-building benefits of running on land.

Endless Pools Fitness Systems incorporate this powerful technology as a standard feature to maximize your swim spa’s potential. Discover 5 ways an aquatic treadmill offers the best of both worlds.

Low-Impact Running & Walking Options

Adding an underwater treadmill to your pool allows athletes to walk or run as they would on land. Typically self-powered, these systems are lightweight and stable for easy maneuvering within any facility. Encourage athletes to keep their backs straight and maintain a proper gait to maximize results. Emphasize that running against the water’s resistance works the same muscles as a normal run, but adds an additional core workout.

The water’s buoyancy also reduces pressure on joints and allows patients to achieve immediate rehabilitation results, even in cases Treadmill Pools where a physical therapist would normally recommend a break from weight-bearing exercise. This enables individuals to return to regular activity sooner and at a lower level of intensity than with traditional walking or running.

An aquatic treadmill can be pre-programmed for varying speeds to challenge even the most experienced runners. For added variety, directional water jets can provide an increased level of resistance to target core and upper body muscles.

The underwater treadmill system is popular at elite sports medicine facilities, as well as physical therapy clinics and senior-living communities. It’s even being incorporated into training programs for injured athletes. Request a free information kit to see how you can incorporate this exciting new technology into your facility’s wellness programs.


If you enjoy running or walking on a treadmill, you’ll love the convenience of using one in your own home. The buoyancy of the water eases pressure on your joints while the natural resistance gives you a great workout.

Treadmill pools have become a popular alternative for athletic trainers to supplement regular land-based workouts with strength and conditioning exercises in the comfort of an aquatic setting. Athletes in training for marathons and triathlons are also taking advantage of the underwater treadmill by adding pylometric exercises to their routines, which helps prevent overuse injuries.

The Endless Pools Fitness Systems are the first of their kind to combine a swim spa and an underwater treadmill in a single unit. The underwater treadmill is powered by a hydraulic power unit that pumps high-grade, biodegradable vegetable oil into the incredibly efficient 5 HP motor. With speeds ranging from 0 – 5.5 MPH, the treadmill can be set to run or walk at any pace.

The water in our Fitness System is kept fresh and exercise-ready by our dual water filtration system. Combining ultra-violet C with eco-friendly CD Ozone, the system neutralizes contaminants to keep your exercise area safe and clean year round.

Relieves Joint Pain

A swim spa’s underwater treadmill is the perfect way to get a great workout without putting too much pressure on your knees. In fact, a study from the University of Utah found that adults who walk on an aquatic treadmill burned nearly Treadmill Pools as many calories as those who walked on land while experiencing less joint pain.

In addition to providing a safe and effective fitness alternative for people with joint problems, the buoyancy of the water relieves body weight so it’s easy to exercise for longer periods of time. In addition, a treadmill’s adjustable speed allows for a low-impact workout that’s suitable for a wide range of fitness levels.

Treadmill Pools also provide a workout that targets specific joints and muscles. Using the water’s resistance, walking and running routines can be used to strengthen the legs, hips, ankles, feet and upper back while helping to tighten the arms. For example, a person with knee pain can use the underwater treadmill to do exercises like retro-walking, shuffling and sprinting, all of which can help reduce the impact on the knees.

After a hard-core aquatic workout, there’s nothing better than sitting in your swim spa’s relaxing seating area and enjoying the soothing hydromassage jets. With its superior strength, galvanized steel frame and ABS base, you can be confident that your Endless Pools Fitness System will last a lifetime and is a wise investment for your family’s health.

Improves Mobility

Treadmill pools enable users to rehabilitate injuries and maintain mobility even when it’s too painful to exercise on land. This is because the buoyancy of warm water removes a significant portion of body weight, which alleviates joint stress. When combined with a massage hose, the result is an effective and relaxing combination of exercise and pain relief. In addition, aquatic treadmill therapy stimulates muscle movement, improves posture and range of motion.

The patented underwater treadmill in the Endless Pools E-Series is hydraulically powered to offer walking and running options with low-impact, variable resistance. Depending on a person’s abilities, health and fitness goals, treadmill speed can be adjusted from gentle walking to invigorating runs. The treadmill’s swim current can also be turned on to increase resistance against the core, leg and upper body muscles.

Athletes, physical therapists and retirement communities are all turning to aquatic treadmills to achieve immediate rehabilitation results and to keep patients from becoming deconditioned. As a result, the popularity of the HydroWorx 2000 and 1200 Series pools continues to rise.

Treadmill pools combine the best of swimming pools and hot tubs into one space that’s perfect for exercise, play and relaxation. In addition to the unparalleled fitness benefits of the Underwater Treadmill, swim spas feature self-cleaning technology, eco-efficiency and a Massage Zone Therapy option that soothes muscles after a workout.

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