Types of Bathroom Towel Holders

bathroom towel holder

Types of Bathroom Towel Holders

In a bathroom that includes a shower or bathtub, towels need to be hung up somewhere. There are several types of towel holders that promote comfort, convenience and style.

For a luxurious look, install a double-bar rack crafted from solid brass, a notably strong material that resists corrosion in wet environments. A sleek alternative, a stainless steel towel bar also works well.

Towel Bars

Towel bars are a classic bathroom accessory that provide a simple, stylish way to hang bath towels. They’re available in a range of standard lengths, such as 18 inches to 30 inches, which are typically long enough to accommodate a bath towel and hand towel. Some towel bars even offer a heating function, which helps towels dry more quickly.

When selecting a towel bar, consider where you want it in your space. It should be close to the shower, as that’s where you’ll grab your towels most often. However, it’s also a great choice for a free-standing space near the entrance to your bathroom.

Installing a towel bar is a relatively simple DIY project. If you’re mounting it to drywall, use toggle anchors. These self-drilling screws have a clever design that allows them to swivel as you screw them in, making it easier to locate a stud behind the wall and avoid drilling through tile backer board. For tile, you’ll need a carbide glass-and-tile drill bit.

Towel bars are usually mounted to the wall using a mounting plate. If yours doesn’t have one, you can create one by marking where you want the first end of the bar to be and drilling a hole for it. Then, place the mounting plate over the anchor and screw it in.

You can also mount a towel bathroom towel holder bar to the ceiling using a mounting kit, which is ideal for high-rise apartments or condominiums. Make sure that the mounting kit you choose is ADA compliant, and follow instructions for installation.

Alternatively, you can opt for a free-standing rack that provides a more modern look. These racks can be made of wood or metal and come in a variety of sizes. Some even have a shelf to hold extra linens and decorative decor items.

If you don’t have a lot of wall space, consider hanging a basket in your bathroom for an easy, accessible storage solution. This is especially useful in smaller bathrooms where space can be at a premium. A basket is also a good option in a guest bathroom or in a family bathroom that multiple people share.

Paper Towel Holders

A freestanding paper towel holder keeps a roll handy and adds a pop of color to your bathroom decor. Many of these holders accept both C- and M-fold paper towels to cut down on waste. You can also find options with a built-in shelf for extra storage space. They’re ideal for kitchens and laundry rooms, but work well in bathrooms, too. Some have an arm that dispenses just one sheet at a time to help guests save money by only taking what they need.

Whether you’re looking for a modern stainless steel option or a traditional ceramic one, you’ll find lots of choices to fit your style. Some have a decorative look, while others are more simple and functional. For example, the top-rated Simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder has a sleek brushed finish that blends with most decor. It has internal resistance to prevent a runaway roll and locks the arm in place when not in use. Its weighted base helps keep it from tipping and a finger loop on the center post lets you easily pull off sheets with one hand.

You can find other unique designs, too, to complement your bathroom decor. For a nautical theme, look for holders that feature starfish or seashells. If you have a shabby chic style, consider a ceramic or wooden design with floral motifs like roses.

If you’re not a fan of freestanding holders, you can still choose a wall-mounted or under-the-cabinet paper towel holder. These bathroom towel holder may be easier to install because they don’t require a drill or drilling holes in your wall, and you can easily move them if you redecorate your bathroom.

For a unique touch, consider a double-duty holder or basket that’s designed to hold both paper towels and small items like scrunchies and hair ties. Some come with hooks you can use to hang necklaces or tweezers, while others have a lower section that’s perfect for storing things like jewelry or toiletries. Alternatively, you can also affix an antique wire egg basket to the wall and use it as a way to store your paper towel roll while saving room on your bathroom counters.


There are a wide range of options for hanging towels in a bathroom. These accessories can be as simple or as ornate as you want, but all will promote comfort, convenience and style. Towel racks, bars and hooks are all common towel holding accessories that can be mounted in a bathroom.

If you love the look of a towel bar but don’t have enough space in your bathroom for one, consider adding a couple of simple, freestanding hooks instead. These will allow you to keep your towels close at hand while freeing up wall space for other decor. You can also use a decorative holder, such as a metal basket or a wood etagere, to hold your extra towels.

Another option for hanging towels is a recessed rod or bracket. These can be placed over a shower head, bathtub or in a corner for convenient access to your towels. Towels that are stored this way are less likely to become damp and mildewed. The style of the recessed rod or bracket is an important consideration when selecting this type of towel holder for your bathroom.

This industrial-looking towel holder features two vertical rods that run parallel to each other. It’s a great option for bathrooms with a modern, industrial or steampunk feel. This design can be made inexpensively, especially if the wood is reclaimed and left in its natural state rather than stained or painted.

If you don’t have much room on your bathroom walls for a towel bar or if you want to save wall space for art, try using simple hooks that hang from your door. These are easy to install and offer the convenience of keeping your towels within reach when needed. The simple hooks used on this door can be hung directly over the door handle or mounted with a toggle bolt, command strip or another type of hanger.

A ladder-style towel rack is a fun and decorative alternative to a conventional towel bar that can look especially nice in a rustic or country bathroom. You can craft this DIY towel holder from reclaimed wood, or you can buy an already-made version. This project by oldhousetonewhome has a complete tutorial for creating the ladder-style rack.


A towel bar or hooks is a popular bathroom storage option because it’s relatively affordable, easy to install and offers plenty of space for towels. But there are many other options to consider if you’re looking for creative ways to display your towels. Floor racks and stands, for example, offer an elegant look that makes a statement, while wall-mounted racks and railings add extra shelf space that’s easy to reach. You can also try a smart hack that doubles your space by using a single towel bar to hold two bath or hand towels.

Floating shelves don’t just look pretty in living spaces, they’re an excellent option for bathrooms as well. They create a stylish platform anywhere along the wall, and they blend in with other mounted features like sink cabinets or mirrors. A floating shelf can even double as a display surface for items like soap dispensers, decorative towels and more.

If you want to give your bathroom a more rustic, farmhouse-inspired aesthetic, try a wooden ladder as a towel storage solution. Its sleek lines work well in a variety of decor styles and can be painted or stained for color matching. A leaning ladder also allows you to dry multiple towels at once, making it a smart choice for homes with more than one bath or shower.

For a freestanding alternative, you can use any type of basket as a towel storage solution. Large rope baskets are a great fit for bath linens because they can hold lots of folded towels without overflowing. Smaller wicker baskets can be used to store washcloths and hand towels in a smaller space, such as on the floor next to your tub or near the toilet.

A recessed shelf is another stylish and practical bathroom storage idea. If you have an empty niche in the wall, you can easily build a custom recessed shelf for towels and other bathroom supplies. You can also outfit a piece of open shelving or a freestanding hutch with a recessed shelf for a similar effect.

If you’re in a hurry, a simple towel hanger on the door can be an effective way to save time in the morning when you’re trying to get out of bed. A simple hook can be the perfect finishing touch to any doorway, and some types of hooks don’t require nails so they’re safe for most walls.

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