What is a Shorts Uniform?

Shorts Uniform

What is a Shorts Uniform?

A Shorts Uniform is a set of uniform clothing worn by students at a school. The clothes may vary depending on the weather and season.

The uniforms of many schools include a skirt or jumper and blouse. A polo or a sweater vest is usually also worn by both sexes. Tights and knee socks are common with the skirt or jumper, and flats, sperrys, or dressy sneakers are often worn.


While it’s not uncommon for teenage boys to show up in tartan patterned skirts, the bare-legged revolution is on the rise. A few schools are going whole hog and offering boys’ shorts and pants, a la Nike and the aforementioned sports craze. Alternatively, the aforementioned girls can choose to sport matching sets of matching colored shorts or a more sophisticated uniform triumvirate. As a matter of fact, there are even a few universities in the country where the aforementioned is a requirement. The children’s Place carries the top quality brands and styles you’re looking for, as well as the requisite accessories to get you through the school day without breaking a sweat. The best part is, you can shop with confidence knowing your student will look and feel their very best every time they step foot in the door.


Many schools now allow girls to wear shorts or slacks instead of skirts as part of their uniform, giving them the freedom to be active at recess and in other sports. It’s also a great way to encourage gender equality in schools.

Dr Amanda Mergler, a co-founder of Girls’ Uniform Agenda, says that in SA, most public schools now offer shorts and pants as options for girls. This is a change from previous policy that only required the option of wearing skirts and dresses.

But even in the ACT, where it’s compulsory for students to wear uniforms until Year 9, Dr Mergler says there isn’t a clear uniform policy in place. While some individual schools have policies, she says a majority of the state’s government schools do not.

Despite this, Dr Mergler says that there’s “a lot of evidence to suggest that girls are being offered the option of wearing shorts and pants.” She adds that this is something “we have been seeing a shift in”. And that “the tide is starting to turn” towards gender neutral dress codes, with the WA Government and New South Wales both making this a requirement for public schools.

While the NT’s school uniform policy Shorts Uniform doesn’t specifically address gender, Dr Mergler says “we hear from families in that state that they want a clear choice so their daughters can wear shorts and pants.”

You can help your daughter make the most of her newfound freedom to express her unique style with the latest girl’s uniform bottoms at Aeropostale. Find stretchy high-rise jeggings in bold colors that she’ll love for days when she needs a comfortable yet polished look. She’ll also love our Bermuda shorts that are perfect for a casual vibe and feature gap-proof waistbands to complement her shape.

She’ll also love our school uniform polo shirts in long-sleeve styles with vented hems and ribbed trims at the collars and cuffs for a comfortable fit. Complete her school-ready look with our girls’ uniform skirts in a variety of colors that mix and match.

You can also shop Sparkle Farms modesty short sets, including navy and pink, for comfortable bloomer shorts that are easy to slip under her uniform skirts for school. With a variety of sizes available, you’ll have the right modesty shorts for her no matter where she goes.


There are many types of shorts, from the beachwear worthy to the athletic. The best way to determine the right style for your students is to consult our Uniform Guide and ask the staff for recommendations. We recommend you also visit our uniform showroom for a hands on experience with a variety of styles, colors and sizes.

One of the most popular choices is our Classroom brand unisex pull-on style short featuring an all-elastic waistband and no belt-loops or fly. We also stock a variety of styles from the top brands in town such as Columbia, Dickies, and Lands’ End. Our unisex shorts are Shorts Uniform a hit with boys and girls alike. Our shorts can be purchased in all divisions from the classroom or online. You can also take advantage of our home delivery and drive-thru services. New for 2017: We’ve doubled our shipping rates to make it easier for you to save money on your purchases.

Choosing the right shorts and pants for your students can be a daunting task. The staff at USI are happy to help you find the perfect styles for your school. If you have any questions about our products or service offerings, feel free to contact us at any time.

Uniform Policy

School uniforms promote a sense of community, a strong sense of identity, and a positive socio-emotional learning environment. They help foster a culture of unity and pride and allow students to focus on their academics, the arts, and character development.

Shorts and long pants are an important part of the overall school uniform, especially for girls. These options can give female students the choice they need to feel comfortable, and they can also help create an equitable gender balance in a school.

Uniform bottoms for girls include pants, skirts, skorts, and jumpers in plain navy blue, dark blue denim, or khaki color (pants made from athletic material may not be worn). Pants must fit properly, have no rips, designs, holes, fading, frayed edges, embellishments, or sagging. They must be at the natural waistline, and they must have belt loops that do not have initials on them.

A white polo shirt with an official embroidered school logo must be worn under all uniforms. Cranberry’s uniform color polo shirts are solid red, gold, forest green, light pink, light blue, purple, and white.

Shirts should be neatly tucked into pants and skirts at all times, except during P.E. and field trips.

Skirts for girls should be pleated plaid with colors determined by the school attended, and they should not be any shorter than 3 inches above the knee. Skorts must be skorts only and may not be worn below the knee, or they may be worn with the uniform white shirt underneath (does not have to have the school logo).

For PE wear, girls must wear a uniform gym t-shirt with their uniform shorts or sweatpants. They can only wear gym shorts during the hottest parts of the year, which is August-October and April-June.

Some companies offer casual work policies that permit employees to wear shorts at certain jobs, although these are often unpopular with safety professionals and OSHA standards. If your company has this type of policy, it’s best to read it carefully before making any changes. You should also check with OSHA to ensure that your company’s policy is consistent with their guidelines.

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