5 Must-Haves for Your Commercial Playground

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5 Must-Haves for Your Commercial Playground

Playgrounds help kids develop physically, socially and emotionally. Whether your playground is for neighborhood kids or school-age children, it’s important to create an environment that keeps everyone happy and engaged.

Nothing says playground like a classic swing set. Choose from a wide selection of inclusive swings and fun spin elements including merry-go-rounds and tea cup spinners that encourage collaborative play.


Also known as roundabouts and carousels, merry-go-rounds are classic playground equipment that children of all ages can enjoy. These spinning structures offer vestibular stimulation while also building strength, coordination and motor skills.

Unlike the metal rockets that were once popular on school playgrounds (and later turned into rusty hulks), modern merry-go-rounds are designed for safety. These structures feature a 6′ fall height safety mat to minimize the risk of injuries caused by impact on hard surfaces.

Whether you’re outfitting your commercial playground with the traditional wooden bench design or a more advanced model that allows up commercial playground to five kids to pedal, we’ll provide you with the best in safety and durability. Each merry-go-round is certified by the American Society for Testing and Materials and CPSC to meet or exceed their standards. They are also backed by the International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association to guarantee quality and durability.


Climbers encourage children to stretch themselves physically. They help kids increase upper body strength and dexterity while developing a sense of confidence. Climbers also challenge kids to work together and think creatively.

Climbing is a natural human desire. Including climbing equipment in your commercial playground encourages healthy, active play for children of all ages. Research shows that children who climb use large arm and leg muscles to improve upper body, core, balance and hand-eye coordination.

These versatile structures are a must-have in any playground. They can be used as a standalone element or added to a more complex structure. Choose from a variety of shapes and sizes including wavy curves, loop rungs, geometric patterns and dome climbers. These structures can be used at deck heights that meet national guidelines for school aged children, toddlers and preschoolers. Most children’s climbing structures require some sort of external support or trellis. These can be built from fences, walls or even the ground.


A classic playground staple, seesaws provide a fun challenge for kids of all ages. The rocking up and down motion can help children develop balance and coordination skills, and they can be used by two friends or even a parent and child.

A traditional seesaw has a fulcrum in the middle that allows people of different weights to balance each other. It can be found at parks and school playgrounds. These are more stable than teeter-totters, which have two or more ground-embedded springs that create a movement that’s more horizontal than vertical.

Teachers use Seesaw to give students the opportunity to reflect, share, and collaborate in a variety of ways. The platform offers a rich library of activities, which teachers can curate or create themselves. The tool also provides an easy way for teachers to assign assignments, and students can upload photos, videos, drawings, text, PDFs, and links.

Play Tables

Playing isn’t just fun and games – it’s also an important part of a child’s learning experience. When kids use their imagination during play, they’re exploring with both their hands and minds. Play tables provide a safe, comfortable space for them to sketch, build, paint or engage in some dinosaur drama.

Seating areas are just as important for a playground as slides and swings. Benches and picnic tables help visitors take a break and stay comfortable while they’re in the park, and kids love sitting at them with their parents.

If you’re looking for an activity table that will capture a child’s interest, consider this wooden one from Manhattan Toy that features 20 gliders on seven different tracks, two spinners and a bear riding a dinosaur. This model has a non-toxic water-based finish and doesn’t require any batteries. commercial playground There’s even a toddler-sized version that can be used on the floor without legs or on a seat.

Shade Structures

Shade structures offer a cost-effective way to provide UV protection in parks and playgrounds. They also complement existing systems and features. They can also be designed to match the park’s theme or a specific color scheme.

Shade sails are one of the most common shade structure types for parks and playgrounds. They use stretched fabric to create curved shapes similar to ship’s sails, which adds visual interest and maximized shade coverage. You can even mix and match three-point, four-point and five-point shade sails to create a whimsical look.

Other shade structure options include pavilions and gazebos, which are ideal for picnic areas, outdoor seating and public plazas. You can also find a wide range of designs, including those that blend in with various play system components and add a sense of sophistication to the playground. You can even have your own custom logo, artwork or family crest printed on the shade structure fabric to create a unique design.

Site Amenities

Site amenities are essential additions to any playground, park or outdoor public space. They add comfort and convenience for visitors and encourage them to stay longer or visit more frequently. Some examples of commercial site amenities include picnic tables, trash receptacles, seating, bike racks and more.

These items are not as attention-grabbing as playground equipment, but they serve a vital purpose in a commercial park or recreation area. Consider a beautiful park with sprawling walking trails and dazzling playground equipment, but no picnic tables or other seating options. Without tables and seating, visitors have nowhere to rest, eat or throw away their trash.

Adding picnic tables and a shady place to sit will encourage people to stay longer, which will help you reach your park’s intended usage. Similarly, installing bicycle racks will reduce bike theft and provide parking for cyclists. In addition, a full canopy shade will provide extra shelter from the sun and enhance your space’s aesthetic.

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