Inflatable Combos

inflatable combos

Inflatable Combos

Inflatable combos are a type of inflatable manufacture goods that combine a bouncy castle and an inflatable slide into one unit. Some also add obstacles and even water slides to create a wet combo or a modular combo. These units are ideal for kids who love to jump and slide at the same time.

Bring the Family Together

Whether you are hosting a family gathering in your own backyard, meeting other families at the park or taking the whole clan to watch the local minor league baseball team, inflatable games are an easy way to keep everyone entertained. Inflatable combos allow kids of all ages to bounce, slide, play, race and challenge each other.

Bounce and slide combos like the Princess Palace and the Misty Kingdom work well year-round because of their castle themes inflatable combos and multiple-activity designs. On hot summer days, connect the sprayer attachment to these units for some water-slide fun. Other inflatables like the Kids Gran Turismo provide a fun racing experience for older children and adults.

Church Gatherings

Churches gather, it might seem a banal point that needs no mention. But it’s important to understand why. Why would the Communist Party in China (or any oppressive government in history) find church gatherings a threat that they feel compelled to disrupt? What’s so threatening about a group of people who pray together or listen to the same sermon week in and week out?

Churches are called to be outposts or embassies of heaven on earth. But to become such, they must physically assemble—just as a basketball team doesn’t qualify as a team if the players never show up for practice. So weekly gatherings are essential to the church’s identity as a community, and it’s only in the gathering that churches truly function as church.

Paul’s instruction for house church gatherings focuses on building up each other through participation and ministry. Rather than just a few leaders leading while most watch, Paul wants each person to actively participate and minister to one another—an egalitarian gathering that resembles the household where Jesus lived.

Inflatable combos are a fun addition to any house church gathering. Whether it’s for a fundraising event or an annual carnival, you can incorporate inflatables into inflatable combos any church event to raise funds and provide a fun attraction for participants. To learn more about how you can create an inflatable combo for your next church gathering, contact Shelf Service Bouncers to request a quote.


Inflatable combos are a great way to generate revenue for your school, church, or youth organization. Throwing a fundraising carnival or field day with inflatable games can directly draw in money while also stirring up fun for kids and adults alike. This type of event can be especially successful when local businesses are encouraged to participate in the form of food, drinks, or dunk tank appearances.

In addition to inflatables, other carnival games can help draw in the crowds. Bottle ring tosses and frog hops are great for raising small prizes while cotton candy and sno kone can help raise large sums of money for the carnival. Adding a dunk tank to the mix will allow for students or teachers to show off their talents and raise money at the same time.

Another great idea for fundraising is to host a restaurant night with your local eateries. Many restaurants will offer to give a portion of their profits to certain schools, clubs, or foundations during a specific night. This is a great way to reach out to the community while helping your booster club raise funds for a new inflatable entryway.

Birthday Parties

For children’s birthday parties, inflatable combos are the perfect party rental addition. Combos are larger than bounce houses and often include a climb and slide element as well. This allows older kids to participate without the fear of getting hurt. This age group also loves interactive games like the Big Baller, jousts, bungee runs and bouncy boxing.

Depending on the theme of your child’s party you can choose the inflatable that fits best. For example, for a princess themed party you can use a bounce house with a slide and for an animal themed party you can rent a giant ape or monkey bouncer. You can even get a gender neutral rainbow bouncer for both boys and girls or a dinosaur bouncer for a prehistoric party.

For older children and adults, inflatable water slides are a fun way to cool off in the summertime. You can choose a dry or wet water slide combo depending on the weather and your party venue. Kids and adults will love the Block Party combo inflatable that features a large bouncing area, a climb feature, two separate slides and basketball hoops. This is a great option for neighborhood block parties, family gatherings or even a crawfish boil. The unit is colorful and can be used wet or dry. The kids will be talking about this party long after it is over!

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