Add Fun and Excitement to Your Commercial Water Play Equipment

commercial water play equipment

Add Fun and Excitement to Your Commercial Water Play Equipment

Water play allows children to take a refreshing break from more physically demanding playground equipment while enhancing social skills and channeling energy. Whether they are picking up toys in water or scooping, pouring and dumping, this sensory activity encourages fine motor skills and the imagination.

Unlike swimming pools, splash pads allow children to cool off without the associated risks and expensive professional maintenance. With ADA accessible structures, water play is an inclusive experience for all ages.

Water Slides

Water slides are a staple of every water park, whether it’s the big ones at amusement parks or the blow up versions at backyard parties. But what most people don’t know is that these simple-looking structures are sophisticated works of engineering. They’re the result of three basic forces: gravity, friction and inertia. Gravity forces riders down the ride, water reduces friction between the slide and sliders and inertia allows them to keep going even as they slow down.

The ride design of a water slide also makes a difference. Speed slides plummet straight down to a swimming pool at the bottom to slow down riders quickly, while serpentine rides snake their way to the end with a series of dips and curves. Some, like the towering Verruckt at Action Park in Vernon, N.J., are more than a third of a mile long and take over a minute to reach the bottom.

Water slide riders can also vary in height, weight and body type. Many slides require riders to sit on a mat or tube while others, such as body speed slides, have no tube at all, instead asking riders to lie down or stand directly on the surface. Some slides offer a multi-sensory experience with custom light and sound packages that add a dramatic visual element to the ride.

Dump Buckets

A water splash pad is a fun alternative to swimming pools that can accommodate children of all ages and abilities. Kids can play together on slides, climbing nets or cause-and-effect water sprays. They can also engage in cooperative water play by using dumping buckets or water blasters to battle friends.

Whether they’re racing to fill commercial water play equipment up a water slide or trying to out-slide their friends, this inflatable attraction keeps kids occupied for hours on end. With an easy-to-inflate design, this inflatable park can be set up quickly for summertime family fun.

For parks that need a little extra reach, the Jenkins Iron & Steel high dump bucket increases loader dump height and provides precise dumping control. Available in a variety of capacities and forms to fit different loader models, this attachment eliminates the need to reposition the machine or manually handle materials for more efficient material handling.

Kids of all ages can enjoy this two-sided tower that encourages collaborative play in the form of a game of tug-of-war or a water fight. Its water table features space for accessories on both sides, and a basin at the bottom that allows even the youngest kids to easily refill their own buckets. Kids can use the clip-on launching pads to launch five mini frog toys into the water, as well as capture them in a slotted cup.

Ground Sprays

Ground sprays mist, bubble or gush from the ground to provide interactive water play for kids of all ages and abilities. They can be arranged to form themed water tunnels, or they can be integrated into a full-featured splash pad design to add a variety of fun and engaging activities that keep kids cool on hot days. Nirbo’s ground sprays can be surface mounted or embedded in concrete. Surface mounted structures are more cost-effective and can be easily removed for maintenance and repairs compared to embedded features that cannot be removed without breaking the concrete.

Splash pads, also known as “water playgrounds,” are designed to be zero depth aquatic play areas that significantly reduce risk, staffing needs and water consumption compared to traditional swimming pools. Using motion or hand-activated sensors, these water park elements are activated for short periods of time to prevent prolonged water use and can be turned off at any time. This approach to interactive water play is an ideal solution for communities with limited natural resources, as well as for drought-sensitive areas.

Light commercial grade above ground splash pad equipment is a great option for daycares, apartment complexes or other locations looking to provide a low liability way to beat the heat for children of all ages and abilities. Constructed of PVC, these brightly colored splash park features offer a high return on investment with minimal maintenance needs. They are available with a wide array of pre-designed themed components to fit every project and budget.

Themed Components

Adding themed components to your commercial water play equipment is an easy way to add fun and excitement. Themes are not only visually pleasing, but they encourage imaginative play commercial water play equipment as children use the elements to create games and scenarios. Streams and fountains, for example, are designed to look like natural streams or waterways that allow children to pretend to sail boats or create their own unique aquatic adventures.

Another type of water play equipment that can be themed is sand and water tables. This type of equipment allows children to get messy in a safe, contained space and is perfect for encouraging social interaction and learning through play. Children, primarily toddlers, will love to grip the squishy sand and delight in the slippery water as they play together.

Aquatic playgrounds are a popular addition to parks, recreation centers and other facilities that welcome families during warm weather. These unique playgrounds feature a variety of interactive water park attractions that are fun for kids and adults to enjoy. When you install these exciting features, you’re sure to attract more visitors, which can help increase revenue for your business.

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