Selecting Water Park Equipment For Your Aquatic Park

Selecting Water Park Equipment For Your Aquatic Park

Water park equipment includes everything from waterslides to wave pools, lazy rivers and splash pads. Adding these attractions can be expensive, so it’s important to carefully consider the costs and benefits before investing in new water park equipment.

More visitors: Offering unforgettable experiences will draw more families to your attraction, boosting your bottom line. Choose from ready-to-install splash pad packages that meet your community’s budget and project requirements.

Slides and Play Structures

In a water park, slides are a staple attraction. Kids love to slide down and splash into the pool below, creating memories that will last a lifetime. Commercial water slides from Soft Play will elevate your water park and capture attention of families visiting your facility.

Water slides can be segmented into bodyslides and raft/tube slides. Bodyslides are the majority of slides in the waterpark industry, with over 80% of parks having these attractions. This category is further broken down into subtypes such as speed-related slides — mat racers and speed slides — which account for 20% of the total bodyslide inventory count, as well as mixed or generic slides that aren’t classified with a particular feature, such as drops or boomerangs.

Raft/tube slides are the second largest category and are used at over 70% of waterparks. Like bodyslides, these can be broken Water park equipment down into subtypes such as drop and racing slides, which each account for about 20% of the raft/tube slide inventory count. Rivers, on the other hand, are less commonly used but still a popular water park attraction.

Lazy rivers are a drifting variation that gently pushes riders (usually in inner tubes) around a set course. Wave rivers are a more aggressive variation that creates a sudden surge of water at certain points throughout the river.


A water park has to take care of a lot of equipment, and it must regularly inspect and perform maintenance to ensure its guests’ safety. Failure to do so puts the guests at risk of injury and could lead to lawsuits against the park.

Regular inspections of the slides are critical for the smooth operation of a waterpark. This helps keep the rides safe for tourists and extends the lifespan of the slides. The safety inspections should include checking the waterways, supporting structures, and the slides themselves for sharp points, burrs, dents, crackles and blistering.

In addition to the daily systems checks, water parks should also buff the slide surfaces regularly. This helps the fiberglass seams and flume joints resist water damage. Also, water lines should be checked to ensure they are not leaking. Leaking lines can cause the waterpark to lose water and shut down rides and attractions.

The maintenance of water slides and other attractions is a complex process, and many waterparks hire outside crews for the work. It is important to find a company that has a reputation for excellence and can deliver consistently over the long term. A quality service will be able to fix a variety of problems, from minor repairs to major overhauls. They can also help you develop a preventative maintenance plan to reduce downtime and costs.


It is important that you keep in mind the safety of your visitors when selecting water slides and structures for your aquatic park. You should only purchase the highest quality equipment that is properly maintained to ensure the safety of your patrons.

This will help to reduce your operating costs and increase the longevity of your equipment. It is also vital that you check the equipment regularly for cracks, broken areas, or any other deterioration that could pose a risk of injury or death.

Keeping up with the maintenance of your water park equipment will also help to make your patrons more satisfied and will encourage them to visit again in the future. In addition to checking the equipment for any signs of deterioration, you should also test the system for proper operation. Specifically, you should ensure that the water pressure is consistent throughout all systems and that it is up to your equipment specifications.

Unlike commercial swimming pools, which can cost thousands of dollars to professionally maintain and require a lot of staffing hours every week, splash pads allow children to enjoy the benefits of water play without the risks or restrictions. Empex Watertoys offers a wide variety of quality designed spray park equipment that can be used in facilities of all sizes and types. Larger facilities are typically separated by age so that water features for toddlers and preschoolers can be kept separate from those for older, more active kids.


Theme-inspired equipment entices kids to explore their imaginations while promoting healthy activity. From floating hippo heads to larger-than-life Water park equipment sculpted pieces, waterpark equipment is designed to challenge balance and coordination while providing sensory experiences for children of all ages.

Fountains with moving water, water that dances to music or colorful lighting set the stage for an exciting aquatic experience. These unique features attract more people and make outdoor playgrounds a destination spot all year round.

A full-scale water park will keep families engaged and occupied for hours. Larger water parks will also have separate areas for different age groups to promote inclusive play. Unlike swimming or wading pools, splash pads have no areas of standing water making them safer and more appealing for kids to cool off in.

Splash pads are easy to maintain and have lower operating costs than commercial swimming pools. They require just a few cleanings per week and can be operated with minimal staff. Additionally, they are ADA accessible and can be integrated with other ADA compliant playground equipment.

A water playground will add a splash of fun to any community park. Children will love exploring and playing with the different slides and sprays. These interactive features will make the park more attractive to kids and families, which means parents are likely to bring their children back time and again.

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