Water Playground Equipment

water playground equipment

Water Playground Equipment

Many modern playgrounds use plastic components to reduce installation costs and maintenance needs. These materials are safe, durable, and don’t present splinters or rough edges that can cause injury to children.

Aquatic playgrounds and splash pads provide refreshing fun and offer opportunities for sensory engagement that appeal to children of all ages. Discover our range of ground sprays, Classic splash pads, special effects and custom products to create an ADA accessible aquatic playground adventure.

Splash Pads

Often called spray parks or water playgrounds, splash pads have jets of water that shoot, mist or dump water over children. They are designed so that there is no standing water, which reduces the risk of drowning. They are also recirculated, which reduces the chance of children getting sick from germs.

Water recirculation systems also help reduce operational costs. The water passes through pipes into a tank that is typically underground. Then, it gets filtered and treated with germ-killing chemicals before it goes back out to the play equipment. This reduces the amount of water that is used to operate the park, as well as operating and energy costs associated with recirculating water.

Kids can interact with each other or with the equipment through a variety of ways, including blasting each other with water cannons or waiting together to see who is the first to get dumped by a tipping bucket. Water features on splash pads can be activated by pushing a button, or they can be automated to run in cycles that change throughout the day.

Splash pads are a great addition to community centers, parks and other recreational areas, as well as schools, universities and multifamily complexes. They energize and liven up public spaces and act as unique focal points in communities. They can be surfaced in a variety of materials, from textured non-slip concrete to crumb rubber, to tie into existing design elements and create a sense of place.

Water Slides

Adding water slides to a playground allows kids to take a refreshing break from more physical play, channel their energy into splashing around and have a great time. Children are naturally fascinated with water and playing with it is a fun way to explore this natural resource. Water slides offer a safe, exciting and exhilarating experience for children of all ages.

As with climbing nets and huge dumping wheels, water slides can add the excitement of anticipation and the exhilaration of running away just in time – or water playground equipment getting completely drenched – to an otherwise simple play structure. There are a variety of different types of water slides, from inner tube slides to flumes and bowls to AquaLoops.

In all types of waterslides, two of the most important forces are friction and gravity. Friction is created when surfaces contact each other, and water slides have a layer of water to reduce this friction as riders move down the slide. Gravity pulls riders down the ride, and curves in water slides can add the thrill of sudden changes of direction and speed.

To prevent mold and mildew, it’s essential to thoroughly dry a water slide after each use. This can be done by letting the water slide sit in a sunny area water playground equipment to dry and then blowing it down with a large fan. This will also prevent any odors.

Climbing Nets

If you’re looking for water playground equipment that gets kids moving in more ways than one, consider a net climbing structure. This type of playground equipment features a variety of three-dimensional, asymmetrical climbing net attractions that inspire children to engage with their environment as they solve puzzles and play.

Climbing nets are available in both indoor and outdoor models, and they can be used by a single child or multiple kids at the same time. These types of structures feature a sturdy mesh that provides a secure grip for kids, whether they’re crawling through the bottom or working their way to the top. They can also help kids improve their spatial awareness, coordination and upper-body strength as they move through the challenging course.

Fountains that mimic the look of streams and other natural bodies of water offer another fun way to incorporate interactive water play into a playground. These kinds of features encourage kids to interact and create imaginative games together, as they take turns and creatively collaborate on their favorite activities. They can also provide a cooling respite from the heat of summer, as well as allow kids to channel their energy into something productive. This type of outdoor water playground equipment can be a great addition to any community park or recreation center.

Dump Buckets

Dump buckets add fun and interactivity to splash pad designs. They are perfect for people of all ages and can be used as a stand-alone splash park feature or in conjunction with other water features, such as a spray river. Unlike a continuous water spray, this type of feature offers an element of surprise, as the bucket tipping and the splashing action are unpredictable.

Our high dump buckets use either center- or side-mounted hydraulic cylinders to tilt and self-dump. These cylinders are designed to provide a specific level of dumping action, based on the application and loader model. For example, a center-mounted bucket will have a more centralized tipping action, while a side-mounted bucket will have more of a side-to-side tipping motion.

These cylinders are also designed to avoid sticking, which can occur with heavy-duty buckets that handle difficult materials such as sand, wheat and manure. An outer pocket design moves the cylinders away from the bucket, reducing areas where material may stick or collect.

Waterpark bucket dumping activities can be used for splash pad tag, where players try to get others to stand under the tipping bucket, or they can be incorporated into a team game. They build anticipation and can be a great way to keep kids cool and entertained, but it’s important for them to wear appropriate swimwear and sunscreen.

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