Beer Bottle Holder With Handle Cardboard

Beer bottle holder with handle cardboard

Beer Bottle Holder With Handle Cardboard

Ideal for breweries, tap rooms, trendy bars or any business that offers carry out six packs. This beverage carrier is moisture resistant and folds flat for easy storage.

Designed for 6 bottles of 12oz each, this bottle carrier will separate your drink and add a touch of class to your packaging. Also fits BBQ sauces and vinegars or any other bottles in this size range.


The Beer bottle holder with handle cardboard is perfect for sharing your homebrew. It’s moisture resistant and can be used for BBQ sauces and vinegars as well. It also has a convenient top handle that is strong and designed to carry the bottles safely. It’s made without intentionally added PFAS substances and contains a percentage of post-consumer content to help promote a sustainable environment.


These cute and nifty white carriers are the perfect size to keep multiple bottles in one place when traveling or on the go. They can be used to carry Beers, Sodas, or any other type of drink you might have. These are great for carrying in a purse or backpack.

They’re easy to assemble and are delivered flat packed so you can store them when not in use. The crash lock glue design makes them fast to put together, and the top handle is conveniently located for carrying. The cardboard is made of recycled materials and is Beer bottle holder with handle cardboard moisture resistant. It’s also FSC Certified, ensuring that the pulp is sourced from responsibly managed sources.


These beverage bottle carriers are moisture resistant and can be printed with a custom logo or message. They’re a great promotional item for any business that offers beverage carry out. They’re also ideal for breweries, liquor stores, convenient stores and restaurants that offer a variety of drinks. They’re easy to assemble, and they fold flat for storage.

The beverage carrier has a convenient top handle that is strong and designed to safely carry multiple bottles. This feature helps to prevent spills and accidents. It also makes it easier to transport the bottles from point A to point B without any hassles.

These white cardboard beverage carriers are made from high-quality material, promising strength and durability. They’re also moisture resistant, which is essential for beer bottles. They can be used to carry beer, soda, water and other beverages, as well as condiments, art supplies, and even survival items. They are a perfect solution for microbreweries and tap rooms, as they can ensure that their drinks reach their destination safely.


These durable, moisture resistant 6 pack bottle carriers are the perfect way to carry your home-brewed beer bottles. They will also work for Customized disposable food packaging BBQ sauces, vinegars, and other similar-sized bottles. The top handle is designed to help you carry the carrier while juggling several bottles at once. It will save you time and effort while ensuring your carefully-crafted drinks arrive at their destination safely.

To make these six-pack carriers, first print out the template on standard letter-size paper. Cut out the pieces along the cut lines, including the shaded areas. You can use scissors or an X-acto knife for this project. Then, assemble the template by lining up the cut edge of one page to the cyan/dash-dot line on an adjacent page and tape together.

Once the center piece is glued to the bottom of the box, add the side flaps and glue or tape them in place. For the handle, use a strong glue like Aleene’s Tacky Glue. You can also use electrical tape, which is thin and has extra sticky staying power. Washi tape can be used as a decorative finish. You can even use it to hold bottles in place on the sides of the carrier.


Designed to hold six bottles of beer, this cardboard carrier is a perfect way to bring home your favorite microbrews without having to worry about spills. The box is made of quality material, promising durability and strength. It is also moisture resistant and has a convenient top handle. This six pack carrier is the perfect gift for any beer lover, and it can also be used to transport sodas, vodka, or any other type of drink.

These boxes are ideal for breweries, liquor stores, convenience stores, and any other business that offers carry outs of six packs. They can fit any 12 oz bottle of beer and can be printed with a customized label to enhance brand visibility. They are also a great choice for restaurants and upscale bars that serve variety drinks. They are durable enough to withstand the rigors of travel and can be used over again. This container is available in several different sizes and can be purchased online or at a local store. It is also environmentally friendly and recyclable.

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