Custom Advent Calendar Boxes

Custom Advent Calendar Boxes

Advent calendars are a great way to build anticipation for Christmas. They can be filled with treats, toys, or even a special message each day leading up to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

Repurpose stationery advent calendar boxes as stylish paper confetti or use them to make stylish bookmarks. Simply cut out varying sizes of stars and moons, punch holes and add string.


Custom Advent Calendar Boxes are a unique marketing tool that can help your brand make a lasting impression on consumers. Whether they contain sweet treats, bath bomb samples, or puzzle pieces, these boxes can help you build customer loyalty by reinforcing your brand image and nurturing excitement all month long. In addition, the unboxing experience evokes nostalgia and a sense of wonder, which can enhance your brand’s value in the eyes of consumers.

These custom boxes can be printed with a custom message, artwork, or company logo. They are also available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have small doors that open to reveal a special treat or trinket. Many people use these boxes to count down the days to Christmas, and some even include a Bible verse or piece of chocolate each day.

These Custom Advent Calendar Wholesale Gift Boxes are made of a sturdy cardboard and have 24 numbered perforated window flaps that can be filled with your product. Each box comes with a white internal tray that fits inside and can be heat-sealed for food items. It can also be customized with a full-color print. These boxes are sold in cases Custom Advent Calendar Box of 20. Shipping and handling costs are additional. Import duties and taxes are the responsibility of the buyer. These boxes are FDA compliant for direct food contact and are made in the USA.


The advent calendar is a traditional holiday countdown tool that gives your kids 24 reasons to smile leading up to Christmas. It features a door or drawer for each day of December, which opens to reveal a special treat, such as a chocolate candy. It can also include other gifts, such as toys or Play-Doh, to add a creative element to the experience. The Thames & Kosmos Science Advent Calendar, for example, includes a different science experiment each day that can be easily done at home with common household items.

The popularity of the advent calendar has inspired brands to think outside the box when it comes to their design, with a wide range of products offered behind each door or drawer. Aside from chocolates, there are wine, makeup, jam, cheese, tea, beef jerky, and other snacks and treats. Companies can even use their brand colors to create a festive look.

Besides making an excellent decoration, these cardboard boxes are perfect for reusing as pretty gift toppers. You can cut out the stars and moon shapes from the advent boxes, then attach them to a string and hang them on your tree. You can also reuse the gold foil from the boxes to add a little shine to your decorations. The boxes can also be used to wrap presents, especially if they are tied with a bow.


Custom advent calendar boxes are a fun and unique way to count down the days to Christmas. They can be filled with Customized magnetic gift box a variety of treats, toys or other goodies for the children in your family. They can also be used as a marketing tool for businesses looking to promote their products or services during the holiday season. They’re a great choice for schools, churches and community organizations.

Creating a paper wreath with your old advent calendars is a fun and festive way to reuse them. Carefully cut out leaf shapes in a range of colours and arrange them in a circle with a ribbon at the top for hanging. This makes a lovely centrepiece for a festive dinner party or birthday celebration.

If you want to get a little more creative with your recycled advent calendars, try making them into hanging paper stars and moons. You can even add a twinkling effect by adding some glitter to the front of the star or moon before hanging it up.

Another fun way to repurpose your stationery advent calendars is by using them as a keepsake box. You can fill the beautiful foil embossed inner boxes with photos, notes and other memories to create a lovely gift for someone special. You can also use them to store a year’s worth of memories for each month of the year.


Advent calendars are a traditional way to count down to Christmas. Originally from Germany, they feature little doors that can be opened each day leading up to Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. They may contain chocolates, toys, or small trinkets.

They’re a great opportunity for brands to build brand awareness during the holiday season and create a fun, memorable experience for customers. Hundreds of years of history paired with a contemporary resurgence mean that this is a trend with legs, and one that can be leveraged to drive sales. Many companies are already exploring the possibilities of introducing new products in an advent calendar format.

Another great way to reuse your stationery advent calendar is to turn it into a decorative bookmark. Cut out a few stars and moons from the different boxes, and string them together on some beautiful tassels or ribbon. It’s an easy and stylish way to mark your place in a book or a favourite journal, and will continue to serve you long after the holidays are over.

You can also use the boxes to present gifts, such as bottles of wine or whiskey. Simply add a bow and a tag to make them look special. You can also make a pretty wreath with some of the smaller cards. These are perfect for presenting Christmassy treats, such as truffles or biscuits.

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